The performance details

The performance details of contentsMain Show of 3 times a day is being held in KUJIRAENTERTAINMENT.
Opening to the public time will be following time.
1 Main Show   22:00-
2 Main Show   00:30-
3 Main Show   02:30-
It's different in a program of a performance depending on the date and time.
So When I'd like to check the in-depth contents.
I can inquire about it from the following telephone number.
TEL 0362056675

June 24, 2017-

MJ tribute R.I.P

MJ tribute R.I.PThe Special performance which included intention of mourning in Michael Jackson and was made. The meaning to tell to sleep peacefully is included among a word as R.I.P. When being announced by a mourning event, it was made a finite Special performance 1 night, but because of being well-received I was returning as a regular performance. Whatever I say, the difference with MJ tribute is the feeling of speed. The remix is also made music and the tempo with the vigorous performance drags something to judge by the most advanced illumination and picture, and is the development which turns good at the stage. showtime full of dash sense which makes something to see a captive in a moment!