Birthday August 3, 1985
Hometown Nagasaki Prefecture
Height 180 cm
Hobby candy work, reading, watching movies, boxing, travel abroad, painting appreciation, drawing, museum tour, magic, fishing, saverage, game Special skill illustration, paintings, songs, flare bartending, fruit cutting
(Bartender 10 years)
Seven years in Roppongi
I worked in Yurakucho for 3 years!
From birth to high school all the awards at the painting exhibition total noises.
When I was 18 years old, I entered one of the 10 Minister of Education Awards in Japan as a painting.
After learning the kitchen knife technique in Tokyo for 1 year, after 19 years old, I was fascinated by the world of bar and hospitality, and I started bartending training in Roppongi.
Since I was 26 years old I started playing the flare bartender in Yurakucho in Ginza, and now I am in the third year.
Please enjoy the best entertainment that delivers unusual life to our customers!

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