Birthday May 21
Birthplace: Tokyo
Height 158 ​​cm
Hobbies Jogging, Nail
Special skill pole dance
"Miss World 2015" Japan finalists.
"Miss World 2017" Japan finalists.
Performance appearance at EDC Japan 2017 Sky Deck
Appearance of overseas artist MV.
Gogo dancer team "Tipsy Cats" leader.
In Shibuya Halloween performance, the YouTube playback count exceeds one million times.
· December 31, 2013 NTV "Absolutely no laughing Earth Defense Force 24 o'clock" Dancing guidance and appearance to the comic masters Haruhi Ohara.
· October 2016 New Zealand Artist EARTH TIGER "Sride To The Left" Performed as MV heroin role.
· November 2017 Teach pole dance to actress Kawashima Maritime at Netflix World Delivery Drama "Flame Transfer Student".
· November 2017 3 WAYS "Take it Slow feat. Shen, JiN" (cast Hayami Hiramoto) MV appearance
· April 2018 t-Ace "Dare also rice" MV appearance
Many others appeared.

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