Birthday April 26
Hometown Hokkaido
Height 170 cm
Songwriting, walking
Dance, Design Painting, Sewing
· Learn classical ballet from 2 years old to 17 years.
· After graduating from high school, music activity started.
· 2014, showcase gospel at three associations in Los Angeles under the workshop of the world's leading gospel singer Richard Hartly.
· Participated as back chorus at Riking Oku Season Return Live 【RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL 2016】.
· At Sapporo Nitori Cultural Hall, after returning to Daikoku Season, participate as a back chorus for the first single live.
· Publish MUSIC VIDEO of own theme song "Hate".
· Participated in the 30th Tokyo International Film Festival movie "Summer of Photography Koshien 0.5sec" Performance Memorial Oku Maki Mini Live as a chorus.
【TV, MV appearance】
· Hokkaido basketball team participated as a chorus on Levanga's official anthem "RISE UP !! VELANGA ★".
· The continent of passion
· BS Skyper "Maki Ohguro 2016 Live-HOP! ~ Reborn to the future ☆ ~ in Nitor Bunka Hall" Exclusive broadcast
· Karaoke, live image
· Docomo Mobile, CM
· 【Detective Conan】 Appears on PV of the opening theme song "Lie, Lie, Lie,".
· Etc ...
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