Birthday November 25
Hometown Chiba
Height 164 cm
Hobbies Baseball game watching / travel
Special skill dance trumpet color guard
· All Japan Marching Contest Gold Prize · All Nippon Wind Instruments Contest National Convention Silver Award
· Laugh and collaborate
· 24 hour TV
· Ittte Q to the end of the world
· Calpis Soda CM etc.
· Maiko Nakamura Back Dancer
· KANJANI ∞ PV dancer
· Mecha × 2 IKE Ru SP flag-dancer
· TV Asahi "Daisutatta" Public Recording Appearance
· Large festival event 【The Dream World】 @ Shinkiba COAST Yuino Yui back dancer
· Halloween Party model dancer
· GOD ENGINE FES Flag Dancer
· Trendy style webCM dancer
· Tokyo Auto Salon Aston Martin Booth Model, Starring Dancer

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